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Primary Operations IEP Goals for Math

An Individual Education Program is a road map created by a special education team that lays out educational goals and expectations for special needs students. A major feature of the plan involves IEP goals, which must be specific, measurable,  achievable, results-oriented, and time-bound. Writing IEP math goals for operations in the primary grades can be challenging, but viewing example can be helpful. Use these goals as written or revise them to create your own IEP math goals. Operations and Algebraic Understanding This is the lowest level of mathematical function but still serves as a foundational basis for understanding operations. These goals should emphasize skills that include an understanding that addition refers to putting numbers together while subtraction involves taking away. Early primary-grade students should be able to represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds (such as claps,) acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations. An IEP math goal that focuses on this skill might read: When presented with 10 random sets of counters within 10, Johnny Student will solve problems modeled by the teacher with statements such as: Here are three counters. Here are four counters. How many counters altogether? correctly answering eight out of 10, in three out of four consecutive trials. At this age, students should be able to decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs using objects or drawings and record each decomposition by a drawing or equation (such as 5 2 3 and 5 4 1). A goal to achieve that objective could state: When presented with 10 random sets of counters within 10, Johnny Student will solve problems modeled by the teacher using statement, such as, Here are 10 counters. I will take these away. How many are left? correctly answering eight out of 10 (80 percent), in three out of four consecutive trials. Basic Adding and Subtracting Also in the early primary grades, for any number from one to nine, students need to be able to find the number that makes 10 when added to the given number and record the answer with a drawing or equation. They also need to add and subtract numbers up to five. These goals emphasize those skills: When presented with a random number on a card from one to nine, Johnny Student will find the correct number of counters to add to the number to make 10, in eight out of nine attempts (89 percent) for three of four consecutive trials. When randomly given 10 mixed flash cards with addition problems using numbers zero through five, and subtraction problems using numbers zero through five, Johnny Student will correctly answer nine of 10 in quick succession, in three of four consecutive trials. Operations and Algebraic Thinking Effective methods for teaching addition and subtraction for students with learning disabilities are TouchMath and number lines. Number lines are just that—lines of sequential numbers that students can easily count while doing math problems. TouchMath is a multisensory commercial math program for first- through third-graders that allows students to touch dots or other objects placed strategically on numbers in order to count them. You can create your own touch-math-type worksheets by using free math worksheet generator sites. IEP math goals that incorporate either numbers lines or touch-math-type strategies might include: When given 10 addition problems with touch points, with addends to nine, Johnny Student will write the correct answer to eight out of 10 problems (80 percent) in three of four consecutive trials. When given 10 subtraction problems with touch points, with minuends (the top number in a subtraction problem) to 18 and subtrahends (the bottom number in subtraction problems) to nine, Johnny Student will write the correct answer to eight out of 10 problems (80 percent) for three of four consecutive trials. When given a number line to 20 and 10 addition problems with addends to nine, Johnny Student will write the correct answer to eight out of 10 problems (80 percent) in three of four consecutive trials. Adding and Subtracting to 20 Young students must also be able to add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. They should be able to use strategies such as making 10 (for example, 8 6 8 2 4 10 4 14); decomposing a number leading to a 10 (13 - 4 13 - 3 - 1 10 - 1 9); using the relationship between addition and subtraction (knowing that 8 4 12 and 12 - 8 4); and creating equivalent but easier or known sums (adding 6 7 by creating the known equivalent 6 6 1 12 1 13). This skill provides a good place to teach place value, by helping students find and see the 10 in numbers between 11 and 20. A math goal covering this skill might prescribe: When given a random number of counters between 11 and 19 for 10 times (probes), Johnny Student will regroup the number into a 10 and ones, placing them on a work mat with two squares, one labeled 10 and the other ones correctly in eight out of 10 probes (80 percent) for three of four consecutive trials.

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Nicholas Copernicus The Father Of Modern Science

Galileo Galilei, the most renowned scientist of the Renaissance period, or the â€Å"father of modern science† was known as a jack-of-all-trades: he was an astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician just to name a few. But perhaps what he is most known for is spurring the scientific revolution in the late seventeenth century. Galileo challenged what was then considered common knowledge for almost 30 years: for example, the idea of a heliocentric universe. The most controversial of these ideas was embracing the theories of Nicholas Copernicus. Not only did he embrace Copernicus’ ideas, but expanded and substantiated them. The consequences of these actions were multiple trials with the Church regarding his work and later†¦show more content†¦Even when he was a young boy in Pisa, Italy, Galileo showed signs of genius, but he also showed signs of being a rebel. A rebellious spirit would get him in a lot of trouble later on in his life. It is sp eculated that he received some early schooling in Pisa; In fact, during his early student years in Pisa, Galileo is said to have made the observation that would one day make him famous. He noticed the lamp in the sanctuary swung like a pendulum from the cathedral ceiling and to have discovered the time taken for a swing was independent of the size of the arc. By this point, in Galileo’s life, it was clear that medicine was not the right field for him. Due to the discovery of his talents in mathematics and philosophy he dropped out of college without a degree in medicine. Even before he began to look focus on what his new discoveries meant, Galileo considered himself a Copernican or a follower of Copernicus. He especially respected Copernicus’ work in and ideas about astronomy. In 1610, 25 years after he dropped out of university, he became aware of a telescope developed by a regular correspondent of his, Johannes Kepler. Galileo rushed to construct his own, and soon after, he announced many new astronomical discoveries. Some of these included his discovery that the Milky Way is made up of innumerable stars and his observation of the satellites of Jupiter. Already, at a young age, Galileo had begun toShow MoreRelatedNicholas Copernicus : Heroes And Villains933 Words   |  4 Pageswords of Stephen Mizwa, Nicholas Copernicus â€Å"stopped the sun and set the earth in motion. Nicholas Copernicus was the astronomer who formed the heliocentric theory, which states that the Sun is the center of the universe and that all planets orbit the Sun. This drastic idea would fundamentally change astronomy and led to the Scientific Revolution, a period when scientific research skyrocketed, even though there was resistance from the religious leaders of the time. Copernicus was a hero because hisRead MoreThe Contributions Of Nicholas Copernicus1684 Words   |  7 PagesToday Nicholas Copernicus is commonly known as the Father of Modern Astronomy. Over his lifetime he made many amazing contributions to the world of science. His love for astronomy first began when he was attending a university and from there it only grew. In his time some of his ideas were considered absurd, some were even frowned upon by the church. Though some of his theories were proven untrue, they have led to further study and new ideas of the ast ronomical world and have highly impacted theRead MoreEssay on The Scientific Revolution1263 Words   |  6 Pagesprocess of science than of a goal to achieve scientific knowledge.3 At the time just prior to the revolution, ideas and thoughts had been based strictly around faith and not scientific reasoning. The founders of the revolution took a leap of faith into an unknown realm of science and experimentation. Four of the many brilliant founders of the Scientific Revolution; Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Brahe, used previous scientific principles and their own genius to make advances in science that areRead MoreRenaissance Art : The Renaissance And The Renaissance852 Words   |  4 Pagesthink of the Renaissance as the â€Å"gateway â€Å" to the modern world. Many contributed to The Renaissance. Perhaps the most known are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, however those such as Raphael and Nicholas Copernicus were key components of the movement. Raphael was born on April 6,1843 in Urbino, Italy, a cultural center that encouraged the arts. His father, Giovanni Santi, was too a painter and taught Raphael basic techniques. Unfortunately, his father died with he was only 11 years old. He then tookRead MoreThe Impact of Scientific Revolution on Physics as an Independent Field of Study1214 Words   |  5 PagesTHE EFFECT OF SCIENTIFIC EVOLUTION ON PHYSICS AS AN INDEPENDENT FIELD OF STUDY INTRODUCTION The early period of the seventeenth century is known as the â€Å"scientific revolution† for the drastic changes evidenced approach to science . The word â€Å"revolution† connotes a period of turmoil and social upheaval where ideas about the world change severely and a completely new era of academic thought is ushered in. This term, therefore, describes quite accurately what took place in the scientific communityRead MoreThe Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century616 Words   |  2 Pagesimportant periods in human history took place in the 16th and 17th century. We refer to it now as the Scientific Revolution. This period of scientific discovery led to a new age of understanding about the universe and our place in it. Some of the modern mathematics that we use today were invented during this period. Until this time, the way we understood our place in the universe was based on the views of philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. We believed in things like the world was the centerRead MoreGalileo Galilei was one of the most influential scientists of the Renaissance period. He was a1800 Words   |  8 PagesGalile o Galilei was one of the most influential scientists of the Renaissance period. He was a mathematician, physicist, astronomer, a philosopher. He integrated the independent sciences of math and physics, and unified them. The popular view of the world, due to the Church overall power, at the time was Aristotles theory that the the universe was geocentric or that the Earth was at the center of the universe.. Galileo went against that common belief and declared to the world that the Earth is notRead MorePhysics 11373 Words   |  6 Pagessystem. Though we know it to be true today, in the time of Copernicus, and Galileo after him, the idea that Earth was not the center of the solar system was considered radical and caused both Copernicus and Galileo to conflict with the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, the Copernican theory was denounced by the Pope as â€Å"dangerous to the faith† in 1616 and Galileo was warned not to uphold it or teach it. Galileo has been called the father of modern physics and for good reason. Many scientists have tracedRead MoreHistory of Trigonometry4574 Words   |  19 PagesSimilar tables were developed by other civilizations such as the Indians and Greeks. Greek mathematics Shadow tables were the primary development in creation of trigonometry however the Greeks really developed Trigonometry into an ordered science. The Greeks continued as the Babylonians astronomers did and studied the relation between angles and circles in lengths of chords to develop their theories on planetary position and motion (Mankiewicz, 2001). [pic] The chord of an angle subtendsRead MoreEssay on Global History from the 15th Century2523 Words   |  11 Pagessupplemented by ambitious political rulers who wanted to extend their power and control at the expense of the Church. The Reformation ended the unity imposed by medieval Christianity and, in the eyes of many historians, signaled the beginning of the modern era. A weakening of the old order was already under way in Northern Europe, as evidenced by the emergence of thriving new cities and a determined middle class. The Catholic Reformation was to clarify differences between Roman and Protestant churches

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Gender Role In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Essay

Gender Role In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness For the most part people who read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad may feel that the novella is strictly a story of exploration and racial discrimination. But to Johanna Smith who wrote â€Å"’Too Beautiful Altogether’: Ideologies of Gender and Empire in Heart of Darkness† it is much more than that. Johanna Smith along with Wallace Watson and Rita A. Bergenholtz agree that throughout Heart of Darkness there are tones of gender prejudice, but the way that these three different authors perceive and interpret those gender tones are to a certain extent different. In â€Å"Too Beautiful Altogether† Smith points out that even though Heart of Darkness is an especially masculine account, femininity and†¦show more content†¦To recognize ideological contradictions in Heart of Darkness, one needs to be on familiar terms with discourse. â€Å"A discourse is a â€Å"domain of language-use† (Belsey 5), a specific mode of speaking, writing, and thinking that includes certain shared assumptions† (Smith 190). One-example Smith gives of an ideology in Heart of Darkness is the ideology of gender or empire, written in the words feminine or savage. Johanna Smith gives many examples of Marlow’s contradictions that his ideological discourse of empire and gender work to mystify. In Heart of Darkness the women are often silenced. Smith points out the example of the laundress: the company’s chief accountant insists that she had to be taught to launder his clothes properly and that she had a strong disliking for the job. But you never truly hear her side of the story; Smith suggests â€Å"Marlow’s silencing of the laundress shows Marlow’s authority as the masculine narrator of his story, to conceal not only her story but also those of the other silent women in Heart of Darkness† (Smith 193). Marlow’s Way of self asserting his dominating silence of the women is a clear example of Marlow’s view towards women and is a key illustration of just how much Marlow believes he, as a male, is far more superior than a women. The second pointShow MoreRelatedEssay on Feminist Theory in Heart of Darkness1199 Words   |  5 PagesMonsters in Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad’s varying depiction of women in his novel Heart of Darkness provides feminist literary theory with ample opportunity to explore the overlying societal dictation of women’s gender roles and expectations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The majority of feminist theorists claim that Conrad perpetuates patriarchal ideology, yet there are a few that argue the novel is gendered feminine. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar claim â€Å"Conrad’s Heart of Darkness†¦penetratesRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1552 Words   |  7 PagesGender discrimination has been prevalent in societies around the world for centuries. Gender discrimination is formed on the basis of sexism. Sexism is the belief that one sex dominates the other. This prejudice encourages the creation of strict gender stereotypes. Universally, men are seen as strong, aggressive, and intelligent leaders, while women are viewed as weak, passive, and fooli sh followers. Historically, people have been socialized to accept and adhere to these stereotypes. Women haveRead MoreHeart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad And The Portrayal Of Women1679 Words   |  7 PagesLucia Zhu Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and the Portrayal of Women Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness is an adventure tale about the narrator’s journey through the mysterious Congo River. Marlow, the narrator, becomes a sea captain as he travels the world in a steamboat. His journey starts from the Thames River in England to deep in the Congo River of Africa. Marlow’s mission is to locate and retrieve Europe’s best agent–Mr. Kurtz. As the search for Kurtz proves to be both horrifyingRead More The Portrayal of Women in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay1201 Words   |  5 Pagesequality with men over the many centuries of the evolution of the modern western civilization. Hence, it cannot be overlooked that there still exist many literary examples of social disregard for woman potential. Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness exemplifies the Western patriarchal gender roles in which women are given the inferior status.p Not only are women portrayed as being inferior to men, but Marlows (the protagonists) seldom mentioning of them in his Congo adventure narrative symbolizes hisRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s The Heart Of Darkness 1801 Words   |  8 PagesAlly Jones Professor Smith English 1302 November 18, 2014 Female Roles in Joseph Conrad s the Heart of Darkness: In regards to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, many literature reviews focus on the motifs of Imperialism, the symbolism of darkness and fog, or the aspect of racism in Conrad’s work. During the era which Conrad wrote, England was going through the Victorian Era, which was marked by a shift in views on morality. The term â€Å"Victorian morality† is used today to describe values whichRead MoreGender Roles in Things Fall Apart733 Words   |  3 Pagescustoms that are assigned by gender. These customs restrict the freedom of Ibo woman and help to reinforce generation after generation the notion that Ibo men are superior to women. In Achebes essay An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness, he claims that Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness, despite its insights, ought to be eradicated from literature as an appropriate piece of work on the argument that it is racist. Achebe focuses on gender roles and avoiding stereotypes to dismissRead MoreAnalysis Of Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1729 Words   |  7 PagesIn Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad limits the amount and activity of his female characters, especially through the protagonist Marlow. Marlow merely reduces women into creatures of a different world and fails to see the importance of females. However, through this oppressive view on women, Conrad demonstrates Marlow’s ironic subjugation of women. Although in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, women simply serve as symbols while Marlow attempts to display himself as masculine, Conrad reveals the influenceRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness 1795 Words   |  8 PagesHeart of Darkness: A Contradictory Metaphorical and Symbolistic Novella by Joseph Conrad Figurative language is the use of words or expressions in a piece of literature that are not mean to be taken literally by the reader. This tool in literature is used to convey a message in an obscure way, many times leaving the true meaning up to interpretation. Examples of figurative language are symbolism and metaphor. However, there are many more methods an author can use to convey a non-literal meaningRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness And The Quiet American1581 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelop different positions. Although gender allows our existence to flourish, females were and are still discriminated against. Similar to those people who experienced the dismantle of their culture and people, imperialism seeks people who are different. They observe the differences of language, culture, and even physical appearances. In Heart of Darkness and The Quiet American, the treatment of women and victims of imperialism are almost indistinguishable. Joseph Conrad and Gr aham Greene were bothRead MoreRestraint of Feminine Power in Kubla Kahn, Heart of Darkness, and Death Constant Beyond Love1618 Words   |  7 Pagesvery heart of humanity. From modern believers in a single female God to the early Pagan religions, which considered every woman a goddess due to the mysterious and god-like power of the â€Å"sacred feminine† to create life, people of various faiths and time periods have revered the powers of womanhood. In traditional American culture, however, women are supposedly powerless and fragile, and men supposedly have both physical and political power. Is this true for modern society? Are our gender roles such

Dead Poets Society Responsibility Essay Example For Students

Dead Poets Society Responsibility Essay Dead Poets Society Nils suicide was more his fathers fault than that of Keating Do you agree or disagree? The movie Dead Poets Society produced in 1989 by Peter Weir unfolds many perception of life during the uses. The Walton Academy, the place where the movie was filmed, sets a great example as it articulates the regimented life of numerous male students who suffer from pressure, lack of freedom, and high expectations of their parents and teachers. Many of these adolescent boys are considered rebellious instead of subsequent, for taking risks. However, the roles of these students are fundamental as they show the existing individualism throughout the movie. The students also show existing Individualism through the encounters that they had with one another, with their parents and with the school staff. However. If individualism is taken to its extent, things can either go right or for instance, Nils suicide; it can also go horribly wrong. But moving on to the topic, Yes, Nils death was a tragedy, many people believe only himself was held responsible. But if you look t the greater depth of the movie, there are other reasons why Nell chose to end his life. And if there is anything to blame for Nils death, there are strong possibilities that Nils father and Mr. Keating are highly responsible. Who do you think is responsible for Nils death? Mr. Perry, Nils dad, a traditional, persuasive, strict father who requires high expectation of his son or Mr. Keating, Knells charismatic and inspirational teacher, the one who opened the students mind? Mr. Perry can be blamed constantly of Nils suicide if Nils death was based on, basically, the lack of redeem Nell had during the time when he was still living. Mr. Perry is a very traditional father who has high expectations of his son and Just like any typical father In the film, he Is forceful and aggressive towards his sons educational life. He Is extremely domineering and believes that deciding for his son was the best idea. It was a tough challenge for Neil to get along with his father as he couldnt overcome the difficult relationship he had with his father. One example would be when Nell decided to change his fathers will of him doing a career In medicine and alternatively, he chose to follow his dreams and do a career in performing arts. However, Mr. Perry showed atrocious response in what Neil has done. Nils performance was rather aggravating than delighting to him. Mr. Perry insisted to do nothing but decide for his son. Nell. Thinking Hess had enough, stood for himself and tried to communicate with his father to tell him his own perspective. However, the traumatized boy whos stuck in agony was unable to do so. Neil believed that there was no way out of this horrendous imprisoned-life so his overall choice was to end everything by pull of a trigger. It was the only way for Nell to show Independence to his father, the only way to show that hes seizing the day. Mr. Perry, who was unable to understand the state of event, was horrified But if he listened and communicated properly with Neil Neil would still probably, be breathing. Though there was no precise reason of Mr. Keating getting Involved with Knells suicide, Mr. Keating was also, somehow, blamed for Knells death. Many audience of the film believe that Mr. Keating id not present his philosophy of life clearly therefore causing the boys to interpret it 1 OFF filled them with hopes and dreams, or the time when he told them to look at things in a different way, or the time when he told them to enjoy life to the fullest (aka Carper Diem; Seize the day). .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .postImageUrl , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:hover , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:visited , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:active { border:0!important; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:active , .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2 .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uadf6a2fe8f81c9f9a008deb09657e9c2:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How far is it right to see "Anthem for Doomed Youth" as entirely a poem of  protest and criticism? EssayThough, he encouraged his pupils to stand up for themselves, to be independent, he also pushed them away from conforming to the schools policy. One boundless example of Mr. Settings inspiration, through the way he teaches the boys, was when he told them to rip out the introduction page of the poetry books. As he wanted them to gain the ability to have their own response, to build their own belief of what poetry is all about. And throughout the movie, Mr. Keating would constantly tell his students to Seize the day! Though, he meant to live life to the fullest, he did no t theoretically mean to suicide. Unknowingly, Mr. Keating taught his students, the opposite message he was trying to get to them. Overall, the majority of reasons for Nils suicide was caused by Mr. Perry, though Mr. Keating can also be blamed as he lacked of explanation in his inspirational words to the boys, if he had explained his theory properly to his students, then they wouldve fully understood including the consequences it would bring. However, it is Mr. Perry that has caused extreme destruction in Nils identity. Even from the start, Neil and his dad never had a proper father-and-son relationship. Mr. Perry never gave Neil a chance to do something he wanted to do, instead he was eager of controlling his sons life. He treated Neil like as if his son was imprisoned, no freedom, no choice and he was full of restrictions against his son.

James Hetfield, the Composer free essay sample

James Hatfield is a highly popular composer that started writing in the ass, and he is a member of the band Metallic. James was born August 3, 1963 and has two half-brothers and a sister. James was inspired by music at a small age. His mother was a light opera singer and his dad was a truck driver. His parents were very strict Christian Scientists and didnt believe in medicine/ medical science. This type of upbringing became the inspiration to James music. When he was 9 years old, he started piano lessons.After piano seasons, he learned how to play drums, and then eventually learned the guitar. His main musical inspiration came from Aerostatic. He also liked other bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and many more and that encouraged him to form is own band. In 1979, when James was 16 years old, his mother died of cancer and he went to live with his step brother. We will write a custom essay sample on James Hetfield, the Composer or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In 1981 , he and band mate Lars Lurch started the band Metallic. In 1 991 , he wrote a song about his mothers death and called it The God That Failed.All the songs that James wrote were from personal experiences. Metallic became quite an inspiration for many bands. Companies wanted Metallic and the type of music they wrote. Their music made a mark in major acts like Dream Theater and Fates Warning. They influenced many bands because at least two of their early albums are considered by most prop-metal experts as pioneering efforts in the genre and arguably progressive-metals first real album. Metallic first four albums were amongst the most forward-thinking in metals history.The more albums they released the more rock sounding heave become. Early Metallic releases had fast tempos, harmonize leads, and nine-minute instrumentals. It was said that Metallic expanded it compositional technique and range of expression to take on an aggressive approach in their later releases. Their lyrics were more personal and socially conscious on the hot topics. One of their songs Master of Puppets included religious and military leaders, rage, insanity, monsters, and drugs. Then in 1991, Metallic softened their sound to appeal to more of a mainstream audience. When they changed their tune, they went from lyrical themes of drugs and monsters, and focused more on anger, loss, and retribution. With their release of their album Reload in 1997, the focused on more blues and early hard rock which included more rhythm and harmony in song structures. The writers of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock Roll said Metallic was easily the best, most influential heavy metal band of the ass. They influenced bands to come up with their own type of sounds especially because theyve never heard anything as heavy as Metallic.

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The Great Gatsby Essays (886 words) - The Great Gatsby,

The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby contains many themes. These themes are the thought of repeating the past, the image of God watching over us, and the advice that Nick receives at the beginning of the book. The theme of repeating the past is enacted throughout the whole book. You see this in the first chapter when Gatsby is portrayed as looking at the green light across the lake. The reader later on finds out that Gatsby knew Daisy before he went off to the war. He then buys a house that is in proximity to Daisy's, even though she is already married to Tom Buchanan. Gatsby then decides to have many wild parties in hopes of attracting Daisy to his home, but that doesn't work until he meets Nick. When Nick is invited to one of Gatsby's many parties; he meets him for the first time. Gatsby then finds out, through Jordan Baker, that Nick is Daisy's cousin. He then befriends Nick to get closer to Daisy. This is done when Gatsby asks Nick to invite Daisy for tea. The fact that Gatsby stops having the parties reinforces this theme because he finally has Daisy and his mission of attracting her is accomplished. At the end of the book, the final quote, ?So we beat on, boats against the current, b orne back ceaselessly into the past,? greatly supports the theme because it symbolizes the difficulty that every human has in reclaiming their past. Dr. T.J. Eckleburg symbolizes the theme of God watching over all humanity. Dr. Eckleburg resembles the eyes of God because he sees all of the immoral acts being done by the characters in the novel. He sees Myrtle Wilson having an affair with Tom. He sees what really happened and who really was at fault when the accident that killed Myrtle Wilson occurred. He knew that Daisy was driving the car, and that Gatsby had no knowledge of Myrtle, nor did she have any knowledge of Gatsby. After Myrtle's death, George, her husband, looks into the horizons and says that God is watching over us. He also told Myrtle, before she died, that God knew what she was doing, and the she could full a human, but she could never fool God. He later supplemented that theory when he was fooled by Tom into thinking that Gatsby was the one who was having the affair and he was the one who killed Myrtle. Eckleburg is not mentioned a whole lot because people do not care for a billboard as sinners care for God, and t his is shown throughout the story. The advice that Nick receives from his father is, ?Whenever you feel like criticizing someone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.? This theme stands out the most because of the contradiction that is portrayed by each of the characters. Even though Nick might not show it, he is very judgmental of the other characters in the book. In the first chapter he shows a slight hatred of Gatsby by saying he had an unaffected scorn for him. He might not say it, but he really thinks Tom is a dumb guy. He shows this because he knows that Daisy is seeing Gatsby secretly, yet he figures that Tom is too dumb to figure it out. He deems Jordan as a liar and even goes as far as to tell her that she is a bad driver. Notice in the first chapter, he refers to his younger years as his ?vulnerable? years. He is implying that when he was younger, he would follow any advice, and he certainly did follow his father's advice. But, as all children do, he gre w up and became an independent thinker. He even referred to all those he associated with as snobbish and careless. He told Gatsby that he was a higher form of life than Tom, Daisy, and all the other people he knew put together. At the end of the novel, he insults Tom for his assisted butchery of Gatsby, finally portraying his true feelings toward him. At the end of the novel, he is finally able to show his true feelings about everyone. The reason

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Phoniness and Innocence As Depicted in The Catcher in the Ry essays

Phoniness and Innocence As Depicted in The Catcher in the Ry essays In J.D. Salingers novel The Catcher in the Rye one of the main problems that Holden (the books main character has) is dealing with people who dont act truly like themselves. Holden calls these people phonies threw out the book. The book also tells about the adventures of a disturbed 16-year-old boy named Holden Caulfield during the weekend that he has been expelled from yet another boarding school, Pencey Prep. Through Salingers description of Holdens actions, feelings, and opinions to the readers, we begin to see that he holds a very strong contempt for most people and things that exist in the adult world, or phonies as he refers to them. Wherever Holden goes, he is in search of truth and innocence, but always ultimately becomes frustrated by all the phoniness of the world, and no matter how hard he tries, he also can not protect other children from eventually being exposed to the same reality. Throughout his teenage years, Holden is placed in school after school that puts him in contact with phonies after phonies. When the book begins, Holden attends a boarding school called Pencey Prep, which he has recently been expelled from. He is kicked out of Pencey because he is failing four out of five subjects and not applying himself in the least. Holden has been kicked out of many boarding schools before, such as Elkton Hills. He tells us the main problem that he had with Elkton Hills when he says One of the biggest reasons I left Elkton Hills was because I was surrounded by phonies. Thats all. They were coming in the goddamn window (19). It seems that he can never find a school that is not filled with people which he places in the phony category. The reader begins to see the intense dislike that Holden shows toward many things because Pencey Prep. is supposed to be a very good school that molds boys...